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Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule was previously indicted on securities fraud in California.
As agents we were approached by SetSchedule with a promise of leads and the commission of which for the company could be paid after closing. They chatted up their technology and promised 10-100s of leads per-month. Catch was that they charged a one time fee of like $1500 bucks to weed out the unserious agents. We took the bait. 

After about 3-4 months of using the platform and claiming over 50 leads, not ONE was viable. When we complained, they refused a refund. 
Just want any potential victim of this company to know our experience and share this tid-bit of Mr.Dekel's history in business. 

See below for the copy of the indictment against Roy Dekel CEO of SetSchedule (
Original SEC document)

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